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CISG-online 2797
Jurisdiction Germany
Tribunal Oberlandesgericht Bamberg
Claimant Seller
Respondent Buyer
Date of decision 28-Sep-2016
Case no./Docket no. 3 U 43/16
Seller's country Germany
Buyer's country Estonia
Goods involved Printing machines (Druckmaschinen)
Application of the CISG No, Art. 6
Key CISG provisions cited and discussed
CISG provisions also cited
CISG provisions discussed, but not in fact cited Art. 6
Decision published in
CLOUT no. 0
Pace database (translation generally available)
Other translations
Case history Landgericht W├╝rzburg, 11 February 2016 - 1 HK O 2397/14
present decision

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